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Share your life through child sponsorship

Connect with one special child and give them the chance for a brighter future as you share hope and joy. Your monthly gift helps provide your sponsored child and their family with access to basics like nutritious food, clean water, healthcare, and education.

Share hope through the World Vision Gift Catalog

Give children and families the tools to build a better life with gifts like dairy goats, clean water wells, and more. The Gift Catalog has more than 100 unique gifts you can give to honor a loved one — while making a lasting difference for those in need around the world.

Stories of change around the world.


Today, when 12-year-old Suzan arrives at school, she knows her teachers will be ready to start class at 7 a.m. She doesn’t have to worry about…
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“Ten years ago, you would not hear all these sounds,” says Metness Ndila as she listens to the bleating of goats and mooing of cows…
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At 12-years-old, Selvin has seen unspeakable tragedy. But he is also filled with a remarkable hope Following the death of both his father…
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It wasn’t that long ago that 14-year-old Fiona’s morning routine included a treacherous walk down a steep, rocky trail to the local swamp…
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Elizabeth Apem, a mother of six, knows just how powerful an insecticide-treated bed net can be. She knows because she’s seen what happens…
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